Why Podcasters Need Podcast Managers

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I am so happy you’re here. In today’s episode, we’re covering why podcasters need podcast managers. 

In 2020, so many people decided to try their hand at podcasting and so many people stopped after 7 episodes. In fact, about 75% of podcasters experience something called podfade which means they start and then basically fade into oblivion after releasing a handful of episodes. 

I think that a lot of this podfade could have been prevented had everyone had a podcast manager on their side to help them meet and exceed their podcast goals, however, I know that hiring on support isn’t always feasible in everyone’s budget especially when they are first starting out. 

So let’s dive into why podcasters need podcast managers. 

  1. To give them hours of their time back every month
    The most obvious one is that the podcast host will free up more time in their schedule if they outsource their podcast management process. I have found a lot of people who bootstrap their podcast process end up missing crucial steps in the process like shownotes. This will allow the host to just hit record and then have all the other elements taken care of.
  2. To have an expert on their side 

As podcast managers, we can best advise our clients on best practices with podcasting in general in addition to best podcast growth strategies so that the host can focus on their zone of genius instead of trying to keep up with the current podcast trends.

  1. Have better audio quality + SEO optimized shownotes

A lot of the time when podcasters are doing their own editing, shownotes, etc. they tend to cut corners due to lack of time or knowledge on best practices so as podcast managers we can help them create a better experience overall for their listeners.

  1. To hold them accountable to keep showing up 

Podcasting alone is hard so having a podcast manager can help podcasters stay committed to showing up for their audience on a regular basis. 

Now I’d love to know, why do you think podcasters need podcast managers. Do you tend to agree with my sentiments or have a different perspective? Let me know over on Instagram at @jenny.suneson. I’d love to hear from you. 

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