Which Stats are Important to Share with My Clients?

Welcome back to the show. I’m so happy you’re here. In today’s episode, I’m diving into the frequently asked question of “What stats are most important to share with my clients?

I know this was something that I used to struggle with myself so I figured that I wasn’t the only one and that this could be useful to at least a few of you. 

Unfortunately, podcast stats aren’t very robust and only provide pretty much the bare minimum information so it can be tough to know which information will be the most beneficial to share with our clients. 

There are 3 core stats I think you should share with your clients in your monthly reports. 

  1. Total Downloads
  2. Monthly Downloads
  3. Episode Downloads

If your client is sharing links to opt in to freebies like checklists, masterclasses, and the like within their episodes, you should also make sure that they’re sharing a podcast-specific URL so that you know how many opt-ins are coming directly from the podcast each month. This will help both you and your client see if whatever they’re promoting is converting or not. 

Another thing you can definitely track is if your client makes the top charts during that month. I use something called Chartable (I’ll leave the link in the shownotes if you want to check it out) to track this for all of the SPA clients. Basically, Chartable gives you something called a prefix that you can easily insert within your hosting settings to start tracking your podcast analytics all in one place. 

If you currently aren’t sending your clients monthly reports or you have been but it’s been directly within an email and you haven’t created anything official yet, then feel free to download my free monthly stats template at jennysuneson.com/stats so that you can have a quick and easy editable template that wows your clients. 

So I want to know, are you currently sending your clients monthly reports? Let me know over on Instagram @jenny.suneson or let us know in the Profitable Podcast Manager Society FB group

Until next time, friends!

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