The Power of Referrals

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. Thanks for joining us today. In today’s episode, we are talking about the power of referrals.

Referrals are so important to us service-based business owners because we need a way for consistent leads to come into our businesses and in my opinion, referrals are one of the best ways for that to happen. 

So I’m sure you’re wondering, yeah Jenny, having a consistent referral stream sounds nice, but how do I make that happen? I’m glad you asked. 

The key to consistent referrals is building a solid network of referral partners. Now, this isn’t going to happen overnight of course but you can start working towards that now and in a year or so down the line, you will have referrals coming in on a regular basis. 

So how can you actually find these referral partners? 

I recommend approaching it from the perspective of getting on a quick coffee chat and getting to know someone and their business better and then from there seeing how you two can partner together in some capacity. 

This isn’t a big pitch fest for your services but to get to know this person better and see how you guys can work together to help one another grow your business. 

For these chats, you would want to talk to people who don’t offer the exact same services as you but services that are complementary to yours. 

So for example, if you’re a podcast manager who offers both launches + monthly management but not social media or podcast pitching, you could partner with a SMM or a PR outreach specialist and refer each other. 

Another great way to build a great referral network is by guesting on other podcasts or participating in bundles or virtual summits. This has actually been my favorite way to make connections in the online space. Although I haven’t made BFF-level connections with every person that I’ve collaborated with, it really has made a big difference in getting more people referring my business to others in need of my services. 

I’d love to know, have you built a referral network yet, or are you looking to start building yours? DM me on Instagram at jenny.suneson and let’s chat about it. 

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