The Podcast Manager Power Hour Podcast is Coming to an End

Hey there! Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. If you read the title of this episode, you know that this is actually the very last episode of the Podcast Manager Power Hour Podcast. 

This podcast has been around since 2022 and I have put out pretty much an episode a week since starting the show. 

I have really loved showing up every week on the podcast and helping people become podcast managers for the past year and a half but a few months ago, I started to feel like something was missing and for a while, I couldn’t quite put a finger on what it was. 

Late February, I found out I was pregnant with my second child. I spent a lot of March, all of April, and parts of May with my head in the toilet – beyond sick and in total survival mode. All my moms who experienced bad morning sickness, you know how it goes. 

I was spending much less time at my computer than usual because I was so sick and that gave me a lot of time to think. 

Something I realized is that I had been sensing a change for quite some time but I wasn’t sure what it would be…but after days of laying in bed not being able to work much and being left with my thoughts, I finally figured out what the change would be. 

You see I had been wanting to pivot towards helping moms for awhile but I kind of had imposter syndrome because I was like well, I only have one kid – how can I help moms if I only have experience being a parent to one child instead of multiple? Which is kind of a silly thought looking back at it but for some reason I felt mad imposter syndrome making that pivot with only one kiddo.

Anyway, while I wasn’t able to spend much time on my computer, I was able to use my phone so I mapped out my plan for the pivot in the notes section of my phone. 

So the new direction? It will be helping moms start businesses, specifically service based businesses because that is where I got my start and I personally think it’s a lot easier to get clients for DFY services when you’re first starting out.

I am still fleshing out a lot of the details but there’s a few things I know for sure.

I’ll have a brand new podcast that is both business focused and mom focused, because moms deserve support in all areas as they’re navigating motherhood and business ownership – two of the hardest things I have ever experienced. 

I will also be creating a community for mom entrepreneurs (new and seasoned) to connect, collaborate, and learn which I am really excited about because I am deeply craving connection with other moms. Most of my friends don’t have kids yet so they don’t really understand what it’s like, which is totally fine, but it is always nice to have friends who are in a similar place. 

Because I am me, I plan to still host summits, just not necessarily for podcast managers anymore but for moms in business. I also might be leaning more into audio summits than full out video summits because it’s much easier to pop on a podcast episode while you’re going about your daily routine than it is to turn on a video summit that you have to give your full attention to. If you’re a mom, you get it.

I am also planning to host a couple of free and paid bundles with a mom focus each year too so there will still be a lot of amazing opportunities coming your way later this year if you’re a mom. 

I am planning to take the summer to really plan for this pivot and get the new podcast and community out sometime in August. Maybe sooner if I can swing it but I don’t want to rush things and it will be nice to have a couple of months to get guest episodes batch recorded to prepare for my maternity leave at the end of the year anyway. 

If you’re not a mom, don’t worry. My agency isn’t going anywhere and I will still be publishing new episodes on my other podcast – Savvy Podcasting for Entrepreneurs so if you want to continue learning about podcasting as a podcast manager, that is the place to be. I will also still be offering podcast education as well. None of the podcasting side of things will be changing or going away, I will just be pivoting away from the podcast manager coach focus so if you’re still interested in learning about the podcasting side of things, feel free to follow me over on Insta at podcastingforentrepreneurs. 

I just want to say thank you for sticking around and listening to this show, and I hope you’ll continue to follow along on this new journey. I am beyond excited for this new focus and really stepping into something I have been feeling in my heart for quite some time.

I will be on Instagram at my same handle – jenny.suneson so if you’re already connected with me there, then I’ll see you on Instagram. 

If you were only here for the podcast manager stuff, I totally get it. No hard feelings. I wish you the best of luck with your podcast management business. 

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