Scaling to an Agency Series: Tools We Use at Savvy Podcast Agency

In our final episode of the scaling to an agency series, we’re talking about all the tools that we use at the Savvy Podcast Agency.

ClickUp – ClickUp is what keeps the team on top of their tasks for each client. We have 15+ clients to keep track of so it would be almost impossible to keep it all straight without a project management tool. 

ClickUp has a free version but I’m on the business plan which is $9/month and gives me 15 guest seats. 

Slack – Slack is where we do most of our communication. Each client has their own channel and all of the team members working on that specific client are in this channel and able to communicate and work together on all the different parts of the podcast. 

We also have a team channel and various other channels for projects like my summits, bundles, and other launches throughout the year. 

Dubsado –  We use Dubsado for all things client management. We use it to send proposals, contracts, and send canned reminder emails for our projects. It has other uses like invoicing but we use another tool that’s a bit more robust for invoicing and bookkeeping. 

Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) – I’m a huge Google fan. We love and use Google Calendar, Google docs, and Gmail on a daily basis here at Savvy Podcast Agency. 

Airtable – Airtable is basically spreadsheets on steroids and I’m obsessed with it. I use it for summit planning, stats tracking, hiring, and pretty much everything else. 

Freshbooks – Freshbooks is what the team uses to track their time each day and then I use it to send invoices, keep up with my books, etc. 

Acuity Scheduling –  This is what I use to book all of my appointments from discovery calls to podcast interviews. 

WordPress –  All of our websites are self-hosted WordPress websites. 

Siteground – This is where my websites are hosted on. I have been a customer since 2016 and have always had a great experience. I think I pay like $300/year for hosting which isn’t too bad. 

Namecheap –  This is the place that I hoard all of my domains. They are reasonably priced so I always recommend snagging domains from them. 

Libsyn and Buzzsprout – We use both Libsyn and Buzzsprout for my podcasts and whenever we help clients launch their podcasts. I used to always only recommend Libsyn but I have really come to love Buzzsprout over the past year or so and we’ve been using it more often with our launch clients. 

Chartable – Chartable is a great free tool for keeping track of your clients’ podcasts and seeing where they’re ranking on the charts. I get weekly reports in my inbox which is always fun because if my clients are ranking on a chart that week, I can let them know and we can have a little celebration.  

Thrivecart – Thrivecart is what I use for my checkout and also to host my products like the summit extended access passes, my membership, all of my smaller digital courses, and my group program. 

Zoom – I use this for my discovery calls, calls with current clients, team meetings, etc. 

So I’d love to know, what tools are you currently using in your business? Let me know over on Instagram @jenny.suneson 

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