Preparing Your Podcast Management Business for the New Year

Hey friend! Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I’m so happy that you’re here. 

I don’t know about you, but Q4 is always a whirlwind both personally and professionally around these parts and for some reason this year, I got a little over-ambitious and bit off more than I could chew and have been experiencing some real burnout as a result of my overcommitment lately. 

Some days I have just been doing the bare minimum that needed to get done that day and then heading to my couch to binge-watch Love is Blind on Netflix. This has been challenging for me because I am usually always super eager to dive into work (because I absolutely love what I do) but lately, it’s been a struggle. 

I know I don’t mention too much about my personal life on this show (maybe I should more often) but I just wanted to let you in on what’s going on in my life lately because I’m sure I’m not alone in this burnout journey. 

So if you’re listening to this and nodding your head like yep, I am definitely feeling the burnout lately. I’m right there with you. 

Even in this season of burnout, I am looking forward to what 2023 has in store for me and although I’m struggling to want to show up and produce new content (aside from weekly podcast episodes), I am excited to dig into my backend and really get everything prepped for 2023. 

This leads me to today’s topic – prepping your podcast management business for the New Year so let’s dive in. 

Do a time audit – My first step for preparing your business for 2023 is to do a time audit. This is something I teach my Accelerator students and it really helps them see where they are spending the most time in both their business and personal lives. 

If you’re not working for clients on an hourly basis (which you shouldn’t be) you probably don’t track your time, so to do this time audit exercise, you’ll need to use something like Toggl (a free time tracking tool) and track your time over the course of a week or two and see what tasks you’re doing on a weekly basis. 

This will help you get a better understanding of where you’re spending the most time and if those tasks that you’re spending all this time on are actually moving the needle in your business. 

Do a systems and processes audit – After you’ve done your time audit, now it’s time to do your systems and processes audit. So take note of all the tools you’re currently using in your business whether it’s something that you use daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 

Think long and hard about which tools you’re using and which you aren’t. It may be time to ditch some of those tools that you’re not using to the best of your ability or streamline and simplify some systems that are bogging you and your business down. 

Create your 2023 plan –  I’m a huge fan of quarterly planning, however, I still like to make a plan for the year as a whole as well so that I know what bigger goals I am working towards and can break them down into smaller goals to meet each quarter. 

So I recommend creating your rough 2023 plan so you don’t start the year without some sort of goals for your business in mind. 

Make tweaks to your website – The end of the year is the perfect time to make some tweaks to your website in preparation for the new year. Check your about and other pages to make sure that the information is still current. I know a lot of people also raise their prices at the beginning of the year so maybe already adjust those prices on your website too. 

Don’t be afraid to take some time off near the end of the year – Recharging our batteries is so important and I have found that a lot of the time as entrepreneurs we love our businesses so much that we put it above everything else and don’t prioritize rest and time off which can lead to burnout so I am really encouraging you to take more time off than just the day of the holiday, trust me. You will thank me later. 

I’d love to hear from you – how are you prepping your business for 2023? Let me know over on Instagram. My handle is @jenny.suneson

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