Maximizing Your Client’s Audio Before They Record

Welcome back to the podcast. In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to maximize your client’s audio before they record. 

So obviously we’re not going to be there every single time our client records a new episode because that would be a waste of time, however, we can give our clients guidelines for recording to make our jobs in the post-production process easier. 

If they’re recording a solo episode, you can advise them to use a non cloud tool to record like recording directly into Audacity or directly into Descript to prevent any feedback from occurring. 

If they are interviewing a guest, you can advise them to create separate tracks for each recording whether that’s in Zoom or another tool like Zencaster or Riverside. 

If they’re recording with a guest, you can request that the guest wear headphones at the very least but having a microphone is even better. This is usually something we include in our outreach emails to the guest but if the client is the one doing the guest outreach, then we make sure that that’s included in their template. 

You can also recommend that the client (and their guest) pause any Slack notifications, put their phone on Do Not Disturb, and minimize any unnecessary browsers so that their focus is fully on the conversation at hand. 

We can suggest that they always do checks of their mic and other equipment before hitting record to minimize any tech blunders. 

You can advise them to pause and then start again when they mess up or a dog barks or something happens during the recording versus trying to talk over it. 

So tell me, do you share with your clients how they can maximize their audio during the recording process? I’d love to hear from you over on Instagram.

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