Scaling to an Agency Series: Managing Client Expectations as You Grow

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. Today’s episode is the third episode of our scaling to an agency mini-series and today we’re talking about managing client expectations as you grow. 

So as you grow into an agency, your business structure will begin to change and clients that have been with you since the very beginning will need to get used to the new way that things work in your business. 

Most clients are very accepting of this and it’s an easy transition, but others might need a little more handholding and reassurance that their podcast will still get the same amount of time and effort that it did when you were the one doing all of the work. 

So what are some ways that we can set these expectations up front for new clients and manage expectations for current clients to make sure everyone feels supported? 

New Clients: 

Talk about your team members in your marketing efforts //

I think so many people stray away from sharing that they have a team because they feel like their potential clients ONLY want to work with them. Yes, that may be the case in some instances but not everyone is opposed to working with a team instead of just one individual. 

I always make sure to shout my team out in our marketing efforts because it isn’t just me who is doing all the work and my team deserves to be acknowledged for all the time and effort they put into making the Savvy Podcast Agency clients podcasts thrive. 

Be upfront with new clients //

I always am transparent on discovery calls that it isn’t just me behind the scenes. I don’t want to bring a client on who expects to only be working with me to find out that’s not the case later on. Although I currently still do the majority of my client communication and management, that probably won’t always be the case so I think it’s important to be upfront about that. 

Current Clients: 

Make it a slow transition with current clients //

Once you make the decision to become an agency, you don’t need to start offloading your clients to your team members immediately. Make this a slow transition so that your clients feel fully supported during this time. This will lessen your chances of clients jumping ship and leaving. 

I just want you to know that you don’t need to rush this process. Fast-tracking your growth is possible, but if you can ease into it, I think that is much better so you are able to really get your systems and processes solidified so you’re not flying by the seat of your pants and having to hire on new team members at the drop of a hat just to keep up with client demand. 

I’d love to hear from those of you who have already started bringing on team members. What are some things that you’ve done to make your clients feel supported in this transition? Shoot me a DM over on Instagram to @jenny.suneson. I always love hearing from you. 

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