How to Start Implementing CEO Days in Your Business

Hey there! Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. Thanks for joining us. In today’s episode, we’re talking all about CEO Days. We will be diving into what a CEO Day actually is, why they’re important, how often you should have them, what kinds of tasks you can do on your CEO days, and more. 

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So first up, what are CEO Days? CEO days are when you focus on business planning for whatever is most important to you as the CEO of the company aka doing those needle-moving tasks in your business. 

This can be things like working on internal projects or even intentional goal setting and planning for the future of your business. 

So why are CEO days important?

In my opinion, CEO days are important because they give you the opportunity to focus on your own business. As service providers, our own business often tends to take a backseat to our client’s business so this ensures that you are dedicating time to grow your own business and nurture your own business on a regular basis so that you can continue to bring in new clients and grow your income, impact, and influence as a podcast manager. 

Now, you may be wondering how often should I have CEO days? I recommend having them at least once a month but I think weekly is the best, personally. You can even do a couple of hours a day on a weekly basis if you don’t feel like you can dedicate a full workday just to CEO tasks. 

Right now, what works best for me is to do 2 hours of sacred time per day which serves as my CEO time. During this time I work on internal content creation both for my free and paid offerings, do vision planning, track stats, and more. Basically, anything but client work gets done during these 2 hours. 

I also do one full CEO day a month near the end of the month to take stock of what happened this month and plan for the next month. This really helps me keep my head in the game and not lose focus of my goals because it can be easy to stray away from your goals if you’re not working towards them on a daily basis. 

What are some tasks we can do during our CEO time? 

Honestly, you can do any task that relates to your own business that isn’t client work. So personally, this is where I like to work on my own internal content creation like social media posts, podcast episodes, emails, and even work on mapping out my own paid offers like my virtual summits, my membership, and work on things for my new group program for podcast managers wanting to scale to an agency that’s launching in September. 

The sky is the limit here so as long as the task is something that moves the needle forward in your business, it can be a CEO day task.

So I’d love to hear from you, have you started implementing CEO days in your business yet? If not, do you plan to start soon? Head over to Instagram @jenny.suneson and let’s chat. Also, you can join the Profitable Podcast Manager Club FB group and let us know there as well. 

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