How to Know When It’s Time to Bring on Help in Your Business

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. In today’s episode, we’re diving into how to know when it’s time to bring on help in your business. 

Reasons it’s time to bring on help

You are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out – If you are starting to feel stressed out with your workload then it might be time to consider bringing on some help in your business. 

Things are slipping through the cracks – Once important things start slipping through the cracks in your business, it might be time to get help in your business. You don’t want your clients to be negatively impacted by your overwhelm, so once you start noticing this happening, I highly recommend quickly finding a solution so it doesn’t impact your current clients’ experience.

You don’t have time to add on another client due to the backend work – If your backend work is taking up most of your extra time to the point where you’re unable to bring on new clients because of it, it might be time to bring on some help. A lot of these backend tasks while very necessary are just busy work and not something we need to be doing ourselves. 

What kinds of things you can receive help from in your business 

Client work –  If you’re okay with bringing on someone to help with your client tasks, then this is definitely a great option that will take some work off your plate. 

Admin tasks – These are tasks that are likely very important but not necessarily tasks that we need to do ourselves so I think admin tasks are some of the easiest ones to outsource. 

Social media – Another common task to outsource is social media because a lot of people let their marketing efforts slip through the cracks once they get busy with client work so if social media is something that you’re having trouble keeping up with, then this might be a great thing to outsource. 

I’d love to know, are you considering bringing on help in your business or have you already done so? Feel free to let me know over on Instagram.

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