How to Know When It’s Time to Bring on a Team Member

Hey there. Welcome back to the podcast. Thanks so much for joining me for today’s episode. Last week we chatted all about raising prices but this week we’re going all in on how to know when it’s time to bring on a team member in your podcast management business. 

So before we dive in I did want to mention that this team member does not have to assist you with your clients if you don’t want them to. They can help with other areas of your business instead or you can also bring them on in a subcontractor type role to assist with your clients. This is all up to you but at some point, you may want to ditch the solopreneur title and bring on some support so you do’t burn out. 

If you are planning on bringing on your first team member, you need to grab my free new hire checklist so that you can hire on a long lasting team member and not constantly be on the hiring hamster wheel. 

Signs It’s Time to Bring on Help: 

  1. You feel overwhelmed with everything on your plate and have been spending too much time focusing on your client’s podcast because that is what pays the bills but not enough on your own business. 
  2. You’re rapidly growing and need help getting solid systems in place so that you can continue to grow your business without worry. 
  3. You want to add on a new service but don’t have the bandwidth and/or the skillset to do it 
  4. You are ready to start expanding your business to the agency model and want to bring on support so that you can start scaling 

I will be doing an episode soon on what to do before bringing on your first (or next) hire so stay tuned for that! 

I’d love to know if you have plans on bringing on your first (or next) team member in the coming months. Feel free to DM me on Instagram at jenny.suneson and let’s talk about what you’re looking to outsource. 

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