How to Deal with Scope Creep

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about one of the downsides of being a service provider and that is scope creep. I’ll be sharing what it actually is and how to deal with it so it doesn’t take over your life and lead to burnout. 

So first, let’s talk about what scope creep actually is. 

Before we define scope creep, let’s chat about what scope means for a second. 

So the scope is the documented work plan and deliverables of a project. It includes a project’s specifications, schedules, boundaries, and key deliverables. 

Scope creep is when a project’s scope changes and the project work starts to extend or creep beyond what was originally agreed upon.

Scope creep is probably more common for things like podcast launches than monthly management but it can definitely still happen if you’re not careful. 

3 Tips for Dealing with Scope Creep 

  1. List out your deliverables in your contract + wherever else possible – Making sure to list out every single deliverable in your contract really helps when the time comes that a client is trying to add extras in there. 
  2. Be honest with yourself + your client when you notice scope creep is occurring – As soon as you notice the scope is changing, do something about it. Don’t let it continue to evolve before your eyes without making it known to your client that what they’re requesting is beyond the scope of what you originally agreed to. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to reinforce your boundaries – If a client is trying to add something new to your project scope, reinforce the boundary. Let them know that you can certainly add on whatever they’re requesting but it will be an additional fee since it isn’t currently included in the scope of work. 

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