How to Ask Your Clients for Testimonials

Hey there. Welcome back to the podcast. I’m so happy you’re here. 

In today’s episode, we’re diving into how to ask your clients for testimonials. 

Now, I will say that this is super important because not all clients will outright give you a testimonial without asking even if you’re doing a killer job. 

So if you’re not making asking for testimonials a part of your process, you need to add it in. 

Let’s get into the episode. 

  1. Include a link to the testimonial form in their client portal – This is one of the more passive ways to do this so that they have access to it and can fill out the form whenever they see fit, but it doesn’t mean that everyone will do this so if you really want to collect testimonials from your clients, then this isn’t the main way you will want to go about this. 
  1. Put it in your email footer (only on client-specific emails) – Obviously, you don’t want to have this in the main email footer that you send out to the masses because that would be a little odd but if you can have a link to this in any client facing emails this is another great more passive way to gently nudge your clients to leave a testimonial. 
  1. Include it as a part of your process – This can be something you automate using a CRM tool like Dubsado and at a certain point in your journey of working together, then they will automatically receive an email from you requesting a testimonial from them. If you’re doing a launch with them then I recommend doing it after your launch so that they can give real-time feedback on the process. 
  1. Just ask them for it – This one is the hardest because it takes some guts to do but it’s the one that will get people to take the most action aside from including it as a part of your process. It doesn’t need to be anything crazy but just saying, Hey if you’re enjoying your experience thus far, would you mind giving me a testimonial? 

Okay, I would love to know. How are you currently asking your clients for testimonials? Let’s chat over on Instagram. My handle is jenny.suneson.

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