How Often Should I Meet with My Clients About Their Show?

Welcome back to another episode of the show. In today’s episode, we’re talking about how often you should meet with your clients about their show.

This is going to be a pretty quick one but it’s a question I got in my DMs recently so I wanted to share my answer with you here on the podcast as well because it’s one of those questions that people probably have but don’t really ask. 

This is definitely going to depend on what you have outlined in your packages. I always offer a monthly strategy call with my clients who are on our pro podcast management package and above but they don’t always end up meeting with me on a monthly basis. Usually, they’ll meet with me monthly for the first couple of months and then we will shift to quarterly meetings. 

I recommend meeting with them at least quarterly though so you’re kept in the loop with upcoming promotions and events and can help them with promoting those upcoming opportunities on the podcast via strategic ad placements. 

When it comes to other access I recommend communicating with them at least on a weekly basis via your preferred communication channel. We bring our clients into Slack and that’s where we communicate primarily but some of our clients love email so we accommodate them there too if needed. 

So I’d love to know, what’s your cadence for meeting with your clients? Let me know over in the DMs on Instagram @jenny.suneson and if you have any questions you want to be answered on the show, feel free to slide into my DMs and ask. I’m a complete open book. 

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