Diversifying Your Income Streams as a Podcast Manager

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the topic of diversifying your income streams as a podcast manager. 

As a podcast manager, you already know that you can offer podcast launch and management services but services aren’t the only way you can be making income as a podcast manager. 

I’m not going to be diving into more personal streams of income – all of this is business related so I know I’m missing out on other streams of income like investing, owning rental properties, etc. 

VIP Days or other one off projects – Ongoing projects are great but VIP Days or other one off projects can give you a nice income boost. 

Adding new recurring services like guest management or pitching – Adding new services like guest management and pitching can help. 

Products – Another great way to boost your income is by having products available. These don’t need to be huge products but even just templates or mini courses can be beneficial for people who want to uplevel their podcast but don’t have the funds to fully outsource. 

Affiliate marketing – I’m a huge fan of dabbling in affiliate marketing. If you have products you already enjoy, then why not share them with your audience and make a little bit of a kickback if someone ends up purchasing? 

Speaking opportunities – The final stream of income we’re talking about today is speaking opportunities. Not all speaking opportunities are paid, however, if you can find paid speaking gigs then this is another great opportunity to earn more money in your business. 

I’d love to know, how many streams of income do you have? Are there any other business streams of income that I didn’t mention here that you have? Let me know over on Instagram. My handle is @jenny.suneson – I look forward to hearing from you. 

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