Scaling to an Agency Series: Creating Your CEO Routine

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. Today’s episode is the second episode of our scaling to an agency mini-series and today we’re talking all about creating your CEO routine.

Having a defined CEO routine is crucial to success in my opinion. It allows you to make time and space for your own business tasks because those are typically what tends to fall to the wayside when you are swamped with client work. 

I like to designate one day a week as my CEO day. Usually, I do either Monday or Friday but you can pick whatever day works best for you. 

What happens during my CEO days, you ask? Good question. 

These are the days when I work ON my business so lots of content creation, high-level vision planning, etc. happens during this day. I make sure that I have zero calls on my calendar and make a point to not touch any client work. This can be challenging as a service provider.

I’m not a huge proponent of time blocking because it can feel rigid and like I’m boxed into a specific time frame to get certain things done but I do like to batch my tasks. 

So usually I’ll start the day off with 30-45 minutes of high-level vision planning and accessing where the company is currently at and if we’re on track to meet our weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. 

Then I’ll spend about 2 hours on content creation such as writing podcast scripts, writing captions for social, writing emails, recording podcast episodes, etc. 

Now, sometimes I may just be doing social media and email writing, and others I might be going all in on the podcast. It really just depends on what I need to focus on that week. 

Then I’ll spend another hour or so making graphics to go along with my social captions and any other graphic material needed to support the content I just wrote. 

Then I’ll break for lunch for about 45 minutes and then come back around 1:30 ish. After my lunch break, I’ll take an hour or so for some admin work. 

This will include things like responding to emails and organizing my inbox, making sure everything is ready for the week in ClickUp, evaluating my income/expenses for the past week, making sure my books are up to date, etc. 

Then the rest of the afternoon will be spent catching up on any miscellaneous tasks that I didn’t get to during the previous week or anything left over that I didn’t get to do in the earlier part of my day.

The tasks that I complete on this day vary every week but I am always doing the high-level overview and planning + making sure my email is organized, my books are up to date, and ClickUp is up to date for both me and my team. 

Like I mentioned before, this is something that we frequently let slip through the cracks because we get so caught up in our client’s podcast work so make sure you’re making your own business a priority at least once a week.

I’d love to know, do you currently have a CEO routine? If not, is this something you want to start implementing soon? Let me know over on Instagram @jenny.suneson I always love hearing from you. 

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