Creating SOPs in Your Business

Hey friends! Welcome back to the show. I don’t know about you but I am a total systems junkie. I love a good business tool that allows me to automate portions of my business and have streamlined systems and processes for myself and my team to follow. 

So if you’re wanting to spruce up your systems this year and get really streamlined, then this episode is for you. 

Today we’re chatting all about creating internal SOPs in your business because if you ever want to hire help in the future, you’re going to need well documented SOPs so why not create them now as you go versus being overwhelmed and having to create them in the future when you’re trying to hire someone onto your team. 

So if you’re listening to this and you’re like, what the heck is an SOP? Don’t fret. I’m definitely starting with the basics. 

So the abbreviation of SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure. Basically, it’s a document that walks you through the steps to take for each element of your business. 

You can have SOPs for onboarding a new client, onboarding a new team member, uploading a podcast episode to a podcast host, sending an email to your list, and so much more. The options are endless. 

SOPs are so beneficial when you’re ready to bring on someone to support you in your business because they can read the SOP and even watch videos walking through each step of the process. 

Now let’s talk about why SOPs are important. 

-Allows your new team member to feel comfortable in their new role. 

-Limits the time you need to spend training them and answering questions.

-Ensures that whoever is doing the work is going to do it right since your SOP highlights every little step that needs to happen for the task to be completed. 

What should be included in your SOP: 

So every SOP will slightly differ because each task in your business is different and has a different process from start to finish but there is a basic template you can follow.

If you head to or click the link in the shownotes, you can grab my free SOP template so you can start working on creating SOPs and getting your business organized today. 

If you go grab the free template, you’ll be able to create your first SOP in no time. 

What are some non-negotiables for every SOP?


This is where you will outline the information, knowledge, training, software, equipment, etc. required to implement this procedure.


In this section you will describe the functional purpose of the SOP and what it will accomplish- the goal (per department, if applicable.)  Describe how this SOP is meaningful in the grand scheme of things and what performing the duties included in the SOP contributes to the business in the long term.


In the policy section, you will describe the rules associated with performing the procedure and the parameters within which the person performing this task must perform it. (ie. Must be performed on Mondays, the final product must go live at a certain time, etc).


In the party section, this is where you will include details on who will be responsible for managing/executing the SOP. 


The process section is where you give a high-level overview of the entire SOP. 

You’ll create a skeleton of the SOP and lay out the general, big-picture steps that must be taken to accomplish the task.

Example: If this is an SOP for publishing a weekly email campaign in ConvertKit, the PROCESS looks like this:

1. Log in to ConvertKit → 2. Add Content to ‘Template’ → 3. Format Text →4.  Insert image → 5. Send test email → 6. Get Approval → 7. Schedule


This is where the bulk of your SOP will go. 

STEP 1:  Identify activities or events that occur for the main process and provide a description

When the main process is subdivided, identify each process and provide a brief description

1.     Subprocess and description to accomplish Step 1

a.     Detailed step 1 to complete subprocess

b.     Detailed step 2 to complete subprocess

c.     Additional steps if needed

STEP 2:  Identify the next activities or events that occur for the main process and provide a description

When the main process is subdivided, identify each process and provide a brief description

2.     Subprocess and description to accomplish Step 2

a.     Detailed step 1 to complete subprocess

b.     Detailed step 2 to complete subprocess

c.     Additional steps if needed

Continue with as many main steps and sub-processes as needed to thoroughly outline the complete procedure. Use screenshots, video recordings, and weblink references as relevant.


The follow-up that needs to happen to ensure that the procedure was carried out properly.

ie. Check off tasks in ClickUp, notify team member X to review, etc.

And then I also like to include a small section at the bottom with who the SOP was created by, the date, and a space for a revision date because sometimes our processes change and it definitely needs to be documented even if it’s just a slight change. 

So if you just listened to that whole breakdown and you’re like wtf Jenny, how can I remember all of that and you still haven’t downloaded the template. You should go ahead and do that now. Download the template now and make your life a heck of a lot easier. 

PRO TIP: Next time you’re going through the process of onboarding a new client or scheduling your social media posts in your social media scheduler, record a Loom video walking through the process. This will make it so much easier because then you can just pull the steps directly from the Loom video instead of trying to remember every little step of the process off the top of your head. 

I really hope this was helpful and that you’re ready to dive in and start creating your own SOPs for all aspects of your business. It’s definitely not something you will be able to do all in one sitting so don’t let this process overwhelm you but maybe set a goal of creating 2-3 new SOPs per month so that you’re consistently working towards getting them all finished so that when you make your first hire, you are 150% ready to go on the backend and only have to worry about interviewing candidates and finding the right fit for your business. 

So tell me, do you have SOPs set up in your business already? If not, are you planning on making that one of your goals this year? Feel free to DM me on Instagram. I’m @jenny.suneson or you can even let us know in the Profitable Podcast Manager Society FB group.

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