What is a Podcast Manager? + 5 Reasons You Should Be Considering Podcast Management

I am so excited to start this podcast because I am so passionate about teaching podcast managers to get booked out with their dream clients and really step into the CEO role of their business by either offering higher ticket containers or becoming a full-service agency like mine. 

In this episode, we’re going back to the basics and we’re going to chat about what a podcast manager is, some services podcast managers can offer, and 5 reasons why you should consider becoming a podcast manager if you’re still on the fence about it. 

Okay so first up, what is a podcast manager?

A podcast manager is essentially a person who manages aspects of your podcast. It’s a little bit different from a podcast editor who typically just polishes up the audio of your episodes and adds an intro/intro and potentially even uploads it to your host. 

Podcast managers usually do the editing plus shownotes, and the project management process of your show among other things. 

Some podcast managers will even handle guest management and PR outreach for their clients to be a guest on other podcasts. 

So let’s give a breakdown of some potential services a podcast manager can offer. 

  1. Podcast Launch

With this package, you will help your client bring their podcast to life. So this package will typically include tasks like editing, shownotes, graphic creation, launch strategy, syndicating the podcasts to Apple, Spotify, etc., and more.

  1. Ongoing Podcast Management

This is for podcasters who already have a podcast but they’re ready to start outsourcing all or parts of their podcast process. This is one of the best services to offer in my opinion because it leads to consistent monthly income unlike podcast launches since you’ll have to keep finding new launch clients to make it sustainable.

  1. Podcast Pitching
    This is a service more and more clients are looking for these days so if you feel like you have the skillset to offer it or can bring on someone to your team that does, then I definitely recommend having this available as an add on service because I think guesting on other podcasts really does help your own podcast grow. 
  1. VIP Days

VIP Days have been increasing in popularity over the past few years and I totally understand why. It allows you to dedicate a half or full day to one project and be able to get it all done in that timeframe instead of having to work on the project over the course of a few weeks. Some VIP Days you can offer are podcast strategy, podcast launch, podcast editing, and things of that nature. 

  1. One-Off Calls 

One-off calls are great if you have a podcaster who is just looking for clarity on a small aspect of their show. It’s a nice, quick cash injection into your business and doesn’t take up a lot of additional time on your end. 

This list of services isn’t all-inclusive of course, but I just wanted to include some of the most common services you can offer as a podcast manager in case you were unsure of what all is out there. 

Now let’s dive into the 5 reasons why you should consider becoming a podcast manager. 

Consistent and predictable income – Because people typically release episodes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, there’s always something that needs to be done for the podcast so you can have a monthly retainer with your clients so you’re making predictable and consistent income each month. 

In high demand – New podcasts are being created daily so the podcast management industry is continuing to grow each and every year making podcast management in demand so I think it’s the perfect time to break into the industry. 

Variety of tasks so it’s never boring – With podcast management, there are tons of different pre and post-production tasks you can offer which makes it so fun because you’re never doing the same thing for too long. 

You get paid to learn – One of my favorite things about podcast management is that you’re legit being paid to learn from your clients. Back before I had an agency model and was the one writing the shownotes for my clients, I learned so much from business to interior design tips to health and wellness stuff. 

It’s flexible – With podcast management, you can work to get your clients on a batching schedule from day one. This will allow you to work ahead so that if anything comes up or you want to take some time off, you can easily do so without having to worry about it. 

So I would love to know, where are you at in your journey as a podcast manager? Are you brand new? Have you been doing this for a while but aren’t fully booked out but you’re ready to make that happen? DM me on Instagram @jenny.suneson – I’d love to hear from you. 

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