3 Things You Should Leave Behind in 2022

Hey there! Welcome back to another episode of the Podcast Manager Power Hour. I’m so excited that you’re here. 

We’re officially back from our mini break that we took from mid-December until now and I’m excited to be back in your earbuds with another jam-packed season. 

In today’s episode, we’re diving into 3 things you should leave behind in 2022. 

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Okay, let’s jump into the episode. 

Self Doubt 

The first thing you should leave behind is self-doubt. The only thing self-doubt does is hold you back from making the impact you want to make. Even if you’re a brand new podcast manager, you are 150% capable of getting clients who value you and what you bring to the table so don’t let self-doubt keep you from reaching those goals. 

Non-Ideal Clients 

If you’ve ever worked with a client who wasn’t super ideal, you are not alone. This happens a lot when we’re first starting our business because we don’t have as much confidence and we really just feel like we need to take on any client to make ends meet. I encourage you to really define what type of client you want to work with and stick to that because when we make exceptions for non-ideal clients, we usually end up regretting it. 

People pleasing  

I don’t know about you but I have always been a bit of a people-pleaser. When I became an entrepreneur this was a tough habit to break but the only thing it did was lead me on a path to burnout which is no good so leave the people-pleasing nature back in 2022 so that you can focus on truly growing your business by doing what you need to do and not just doing things because you feel obligated. Don’t be afraid to say no sometimes. I promise it’s better for you in the long run. 

I’d love to know, what are you leaving behind? Let’s chat over on Instagram. My handle is jenny.suneson.

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